Officials of the ASEAN Committee in Santiago join Pacific Nuts & Dried Fruits managers following a manufacturing plant tour

(Santiago, 27 May 2022) As part of its Economic Diplomacy promotion and networking initiatives, the Philippine Embassy in Santiago and the rest of the ASEAN Committee in Santiago (ACS) under Thailand’s chairmanship conducted a working visit to factories under Empresas Sutil—one of Chile’s most important agroindustry giants. Sutil is the mother company of Pacific Nuts & Dried Fruits, Coagra (agri-solutions), Abrantes (mushrooms), Olmue (berries), Banagro (agro-finance), and Top Wine Group which manages the Sutil vineyard.  The Philippine Embassy was represented by Chargé d’Affaires, a.i., Jim Tito B. San Agustin, Consul Dennis Briones, and Special Assistant to the Head of Post Paula Rodriquez during the visit.

It is expected that Sutil will be one of the leading companies eyeing the Philippines as a market once the PHL-Chile Free Trade Agreement (FTA) is signed in the near future.  The ACS, composed of the PHL, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, was specifically given a tour of the Pacific’s prunes and walnuts processing facilities within the Santiago Region Metropolitana and the O’Higgins Region. Company managers also shared their best practices in production, sustainability and quality management. 

The trips to the Pacific Nuts & Dried Fruits manufacturing plants were immediately followed by a lunch and networking activity held at the estate of Mr. Juan Eduardo Errazuriz, Co-President of SOFOFA, Chile’s main industry and manufacturing promotion arm.  He was joined by Mr. Miguel Conda, CEO of the Chilean Exporters Association, Mr. Juan Carlos Dominguez, VP of the Food Exporters Association, Mr. Oscar Jadue Salvador, President of the Chile-Thailand Business Council, and other businessmen and stakeholders. The Chilean hosts and ACS agreed to continue supporting Chile’s trade and investment pivot to ASEAN as well as to continue facilitating partnerships promoting Southeast Asian products and businesses in Chile. 

The Philippines is due to assume the chairmanship of the ACS in August 2022. END

ACS Heads of Posts and Chilean business leaders pose for a photo at the estate of Juan Eduardo Errazuriz